Vadasar Gaam

Vadasar Gaam is one of the 24 villages that forms part of the Shree Kutch Leva Patel community. It is an ancient and small village situated approximately 30 kilometres, south west of Bhuj Town, The village nearest to Vadasar are Vingadia, situated approximately 3km away, and Rampur Vekra approximately 7km away.



The history of the gaam stretches back about 500 years. The durbar community followed by the Sangar community were among the first inhabitants of the gaam.



The gaam has one primary school, teaching up to the age of 11, and one nursery school. Older children travel to Bhuj and other major cities such as Ahmedabad and Rajkot to to gain their education.

The Temples


There are Swaminarayan temples for both ladies and gents. Both temples also have programmes for initiating youths into the faith through Bal Mandal.

The Shankar mandir is probably one of the oldest among the temples. To the west of the Gaam about 4km in the jungle is the Gudeshwar Mahadev - considered an auspicious place. During the month of Shravan, devotees come here on pilgrimage to worship.


Rebuilding Project

Jay Shree Swaminarayan! We hope you are all keeping well and healthy in these unprecedented times.

2020 was a milestone year for the Gaam whereby the Gent’s and Ladies mandir were demolished as construction work commenced for the building of two new mandirs. Construction has progressed steadily with structural works from the ground up to the roof being now completed. You can see progress pictures and video below.

We therefore take this opportunity to communicate the chance of providing your Seva for this noble project. On behalf of all our Vadasar Communities in Leicester, London, Walsall and across the UK we would be delighted, though we live in difficult times - and if you wish, to make a wholehearted contribution towards the Temple rebuilding.

Any contribution, no matter how large or small is highly appreciated. For further information, please contact info@vadasar.com

To view photos and videos of the construction page, please click here.